Do you aim to do a Remember Summer 2018 at Disco Tropics? We love to release the new year, remembering how good 2018 was. We want to welcome this year reminding two special moments we lived with two great artists at Disco Tropics.

First of all, we are going to talk about an American singer who has mushroomed and he reached the top of Trap music... You can imagine who we are talking about, right? The American singer with Colombian descent Lil Pump.

Surely. many of you have already in mind his biography and know all the details about him, but just in case, we will remember some anecdotal data: Gazzy García (his real name) has been in the music world since he was 13, his ability to always convey good vibes has made him turned into an example for the new generation of musicians and artists. Influenced by Latin Trap, the street, the cars and the underground style, he is a hit in all the performances, and that’s how he did it at Disco Tropics:

The second artist we want to remember is a DJ and record producer half Norwegian and half British, who puts his energy and effort on the concept #CreateADifferentWorld and whose latest success under the title "Faded" reached the top in the European music charts. Can you guess who we are talking about or do you need more clues? We are talking about the mysterious Alan Walker! His way of showing himself to the world by hiding his face, generated more curiosity among people and interest in his music. Inspired by different styles such as EDM, Electro House, Electropop, Rave... He managed to transform and transmit his talent in his sessions. His session at Disco Tropics was something apocalyptic, watch the video to relive it:



We are already “underway” so that the summer 2019 will astound you and will be even better than Remember Summer 2018 at Disco Tropics. Be ready because the best is yet to come!

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