Disco Tropics and La Pepa donate €1,000 to the Red Cross

Disco Tropics and La Pepa donate €1,000 to the Red Cross

On October 31st, Disco Tropics and La Pepa joined forces to organize a charitable Halloween party.

The spookiest night of the year at Disco Tropics hosted hundreds of attendees and raised a total of one thousand euros for the Red Cross campaign "Cap nen sense joguina" (No Child Without a Toy). During the party, which also featured prizes for the best costumes, all attendees contributed to the charitable initiative aimed at bringing Christmas to as many homes as possible in our community, in collaboration with the Youth Department of the Red Cross headquarters in Blanes, Lloret de Mar, and Tossa.

Teddy Law, CEO of Law Holding, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response from participants: "We are delighted with the public's reaction, coming together to make this Halloween party a resounding success. We could have organized any event, but together with La Pepa, we decided to use our drawing power to lend a hand to this beautiful and historic Red Cross campaign."

On the other hand, Uriel and Boris del Amor, operations managers at La Pepa, explained that: "This collaboration with Disco Tropics has allowed us to channel our entire audience toward a charitable partnership that we are confident will help bring Christmas to more homes in the coming weeks."

The entire proceeds will be allocated to the Red Cross "Cap infant sense joguina" campaign, which aims to bring the magic of Christmas to the most vulnerable children, ensuring that every child has a toy during these festivities.

The collaboration between Disco Tropics, La Pepa, and the Red Cross demonstrates how the entertainment industry can be a positive agent of change in society. Both companies, committed to social responsibility, hope to inspire other organizations to actively participate in initiatives that benefit the community and do not rule out continuing to organize events of this kind.

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