Disco Tropics Receives an Award for Its Excellent Glass Recycling Management

Disco Tropics Receives an Award for Its Excellent Glass Recycling Management

The City Council of Lloret de Mar, in collaboration with Ecovidrio, has awarded Disco Tropics as the best glass-recycling nightclub in recognition of its outstanding efforts in promoting sustainable and responsible practices.

The Department of the Environment of the Lloret de Mar City Council granted this award in acknowledgment of Disco Tropics' ongoing commitment to responsible glass waste management and its significant contribution to environmental preservation within the municipality.

Teddy Law, CEO of Law Holding, the business group to which Disco Tropics belongs, accepted this accolade on behalf of all the employees who have made this recognition possible and expressed gratitude for the City Council's gesture toward their business.

"We are deeply grateful. This is the first time we have received an award from the council in over 50 years of operation, and it has been especially meaningful to us because we all know that the nightlife industry does not typically receive awards despite all the hard work we do day in and day out. At Disco Tropics, we firmly believe in environmental responsibility and the positive impact we can have on our surroundings. I want to thank the Lloret de Mar City Council and Ecovidrio for this award, which inspires us to continue tirelessly promoting ecological practices and preserving our environment," commented Law.

After receiving the diploma alongside Vereda López, the Councilor for the Environment of the Lloret de Mar City Council, Law added, "We have always believed that we can make a difference and be an example in an industry as stigmatized as ours. Through responsible glass waste management, we have managed to reduce our environmental footprint and promote recycling culture among our customers. This award is a testament to the hard work of our team."

The City Council assures that this award highlights Disco Tropics' efforts in glass waste management, including selective collection and glass container recycling, and they affirm that the Department of the Environment will continue to work closely with businesses and citizens to promote sustainable practices throughout the municipality.

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