Welcome to the plan you need to live the great night of your life! Today we want to help you plan your summer on the Costa Brava with your friends, that’s why we are going to give you some tips for going out in Lloret de Mar.

Do you already have your plane ticket? Have you renewed your passport? Have you bought the outfit that is going to succeed in the nightclub? Are you going to need to pay extra kilos to pass your suitcase? Will the accommodation be near to all the essentials places? Your summer is just around the corner and, with that, begin the nerves and the countdown. That’s why we decided to provide you with some tips that will save your party nights in Lloret de Mar ;-)

  1. After a long day visiting the essentials of this city and its surroundings, it’s time to go and get ready for tonight. Are you one of those who always has to wait an eternity for the rest of the world to get ready? Play the Top Hits list of summer music. Feel the beat and… Voilà! Get your friends on their feet, and make them go faster in finishing.
  2. Pre-Party: One of the most popular places to have dinner with your friends and make the first drink of the night, is Picaddilly Sports Bar. If in addition to being a fan of the party, you are also a football fan, you have reached in which is going to become your favorite bar in Lloret de Mar. Burgers, Fish & Chips, Nuggets, Nachos, Patatas Bravas... Dare to taste one of their specialties: The Piccadilly Combo!
  3. Party: Do you still have doubts about where to party? If you want to live the summer of your life, the perfect choice is Disco Tropics, the most emblematic disco on the Costa Brava with the best international DJs and artists. Are you ready to explain the best stories?
  4. What happens in Lloret de Mar, remains in Disco Tropics. Hangovers are never welcome, though… We have a recipe that will make it easier for you: After the party, you have an appointment with the Burger King, right next to Disco Tropics, it is great to remember everything that happened last night between laughter and smiles.

Our tips for going out in Lloret de Mar are tailor-made for you to build the summer of your life. There are a thousand and one ways to have fun, partying is one of them... And if you also have it at Disco Tropics you have made sure you are going to live the best anecdotes and unexpected great moments. Is it better to spend the morning visiting the city with a guide or to save energy to "live" the city at night meeting new people? There is no excuse, it is all compatible with Disco Tropics. We will be here... Waiting for you!

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