#TopStyles: 3 most popular music styles according to Disco Tropics

#TopStyles: 3 most popular music styles according to Disco Tropics

Disco Tropics is passionate about music. Have you ever wondered how many different styles of music exist around the world? We are surrounded by more than 2000 musical genres to suit everyone’s tastes. And... What do you think are the ones that define us the most? Discover the 3 most popular music styles according to Disco Tropics:

- EDM (Electronic Dance Music): Electronic dance music has a great story behind. It is one of the few that allows the coexistence between infinite subgenres. Among them, Dance, Electronic and House are the ones that mark their repetitive rhythm. They are really catchy. Everyone waits with impatience the moment before the song’s rush?

Just in case you just got in the mood to feel this rush, we leave you with "Shadow", one of the new hits of the incredible David Guetta with Dua Lipa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqCAa7PYJYU

- Trap: The urban music style which is becoming increasingly fashionable. Appearing out of nowhere, it has conquered most of the young people, (and us, too!) thus becoming the main protagonist of many festivals. Trap music is standing strong and will not pass without leaving a trace. You can already see there are times that emancipation may be the key!

There goes one of our favorite Sfera Ebbasta songs, his penultimate hit, which he brought it to light last December 2018: "Happy Birthday": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFOLJwOoorQ&index=3&list=PLJ2bbCh_JMssVqnsoh-1oYLgoPktaD4bq&t=0s

- Reggeaton, which you might either like or detest. The music style which has more fans and more rivals at the same time. The millennials -or generation Y- have had the opportunity to see it grow, from its beginnings, with Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, until today. With one of the most danceable rhythms, you always get the feeling of not being able to avoid moving your body and having the song stuck in your head.

The young Colombian artist, Maluma, describes this feeling very well with his latest HP hit, dedicated to his female audience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMEhjsiHbwM

To each generation is given a musical genre. The 3 most popular music styles according to Disco Tropics, describe, somehow, to each of us and they explain many stories with no need for words, because music is that, the only language understood equally by all countries. Disco Tropics waits for all of you this next summer to write more of those stories and remember them as the best of your memories.

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