This morning, at around 08:00 hours, a fire broke out in the Moby's room of Disco Tropics in Lloret de Mar.

According to the Catalan Fire Department, the fire may have originated at bar number 3 in this room for reasons that are still under investigation.

Since the nightclub's operations cease at 06:00 hours, the fire has only caused material damage in the smaller room of Disco Tropics, and there have been no reports of any significant injuries inside the premises.

From Law Holding, the group to which Disco Tropics belongs, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have shown their concern and support this morning. Especially to the emergency services, who have been working tirelessly from the first minute and have provided all the necessary assistance to help the company return to normal as soon as possible.

The entire building housing Disco Tropics is properly compartmentalized and prepared for an event of this nature. Therefore, the fire did not spread to any other areas, allowing the possibility for Disco Tropics to open its doors as usual tonight to continue providing a great entertainment experience for the tourists still visiting Lloret de Mar.

"Today, we experienced a very challenging morning, but we have once again demonstrated that we have a highly skilled human team, and it is thanks to them and the emergency teams that the fire did not escalate further. Tonight, we will try to reopen our doors and cooperate in every way possible to clarify the causes of the fire and prevent such an incident from happening again," commented Teddy Law, CEO of Law Holding.

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