Peace & Love, Sfera Ebbasta new Single

Peace & Love, Sfera Ebbasta new Single

Peace & Love, Sfera Ebbasta new Single

Here’s the new single from Sfera Ebbasta. On the occasion of the Sfera Ebbasta concert on May 1st in Rome, Peace & Love was born, the new collaboration with Ghali that was released on May 4th.

Written in one day, this song has also had the collaboration of Charlie Chales, producer of the two rappers. The union of these three musical talents could mark the beginning of a new era.

The three of them found themselves side by side with a great desire to do something important , a condition that has brought them together since they were children.

As you all know Sfera Ebbasta will be at Disco Tropics this summer 2018, so if you want to enjoy this hit and many more, you have to be aware of the social networks, to know the date of the performance.

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