Welcome to your destination! The party in Lloret de Mar: The definitive guide to not miss anything essential during your holidays in Lloret de Mar.

Being one of the best clubs in Lloret de Mar and the most popular place on the Costa Brava it is essential that our blog has a definitive guide that any of you will need to survive the party in Lloret de Mar.

What do you need to live the best night of your life? We want to help you plan your summer on the Costa Brava with your friends, so we will give you some tips to party.



Do you already have your plane ticket? Have you renewed your passport? Have you prepared the outfit that will be so successful in Disco Tropics? Are you one of those who are probably going to need to pay an extra kilos to pass your suitcase? Will the accommodation be near to all the essential places?

Your summer is just around the corner and, with that, the nerves and the countdown begin. That’s why we decided to give you some tips that will allow you to survive your party nights ;-)



Lloret de Mar, a tourist town located in the province of Girona, on the emblematic Costa brava and less than an hour from Barcelona, ​​has many places of interest, corners, beaches and leisure activities to enjoy a unique and unforgettable holiday.


Seaside path of Lloret de Mar

The party in Lloret de Mar is complemented during the day. It is a city which not only lives at night, it also has its daytime charms that make it a particular place: Once you have landed, arrange your things in the hotel/apartment, and... Are you ready to start walking? It is time to start your route along the Mediterranean coast through one of the most beautiful seaside path: From Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar (about three hours of walking, but do not panic, time goes by quickly!). It is the first section of the seaside path of the Costa Brava and just starting you will find the Castell d’en Plaja, built in 1935, although it is currently a private house.

We assure you that it is worth starting the day like that. All the way is a viewpoint of the sea which looks like a realistic painting. Enjoy the views, the silence, relax and... Dare to go down in one of the crystalline beaches along the way to take a bath to finish waking up and refresh your energy to continue until you reach your destination: Castell de Tossa de Mar.

The reward of the final result is worth it, since you have started your holidays in Lloret de Mar in style: In less than a day you already know two important places of the Costa Brava. Now it's time to eat... And you have two options: Staying in Tossa de Mar or going back to your apartment. If you are fit, turn around and go back where you came from, if hunger is calling you and, in addition, you don't want to walk anymore you can use the city's public transport.



The history of the Marinera Dona

Whatever the seaside path you do, if there is something that defines this home and with which you can not miss taking a picture is the Dona Marinera (sailor woman), a monument which is located between the central beach of Lloret de Mar and the charming Cala Banys (time and place suitable for the cocktail!).


It was built in 1966 by the hand of Ernest Maragall. It is a tribute to all the women who years ago stayed on the mainland waiting for their husbands, who fought offshore to feed their families. Everything has its meaning: Did you see Dona’s Marinera arms? The right hand symbolizes a "See you soon" and the left hand wishes their husbands to welcome home again.

What is going to be the story of this summer that is going to make your party amazing?


Los Jardines de Santa Clotilde

After taking the picture with the Dona Marinera, there is something you must capture: Your romantic moment! Organize your day so that you have time to visit Los Jardines de Santa Clotilde, an essential place to visit in Lloret de Mar. This romantic garden is recognized among the best historical Mediterranean gardens in Europe. Located on a cliff where you can see wonderful views of the Costa Brava.



Sa Caleta

If you have chosen Lloret de Mar as your holiday destination, it is because ... "Si hay sol, hay playa, si hay playa, hay…" ... Oops! Let's not get lost, we were saying: If you are in Lloret de Mar it is because you like the beach and the sun. Sa Caleta is a beautiful cove that you will see right at the start of the seaside path from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar, next to the Castillo d’en Plaja. We tell you that now because, although it is not an essential stop, it is one of the places where you can relax to finish your day before starting to get ready for tonight (because we know if you are spending the summer here it is also because you like partying).

This small cove with transparent and turquoise water, full of fishermen's boats on the sand, is one of the most enviable postcards in Lloret de Mar.




After a long day visiting the essentials of this city and its surroundings, it’s time to go and get ready for tonight. Are you one of those who always has to wait an eternity for the rest of the world to get ready? Play the Top Hits list of summer music. Feel the beat and… Voilà! Get your friends on their feet, and make them go faster in finishing. If you are not too inspired and you do not decide when choosing music we have the best option for you: Download Spotify App, follow our profile and... Start motivating yourself for tonight! Click here to go to our Spotify profile.

Disco Tropics' Spotify profile is designed to be as personalized as possible. That is why we have divided it into 3 different lists, each one representing the 3 rooms our disco has and in which different styles of music are heard: Disco Tropics Platinum Room, Disco Tropics Gold Room and Disco Tropics Silver Room.


Platinum Room

We are sure that most of you who are reading us know perfectly well which room we mean when we talk about the Platinum Room. The most representative room of our club and in which we have shared infinite moments with artists recognized around the world.

Gold Room

In our second Spotify list you will listen to Hip-Hop music that will beam you up to the Gold Room. Yes, this is the room where you are going to bring out your wildest side, mixing urban dance with laughter and good vibes.

Silver Room

And here comes the best list for reggaeton fans, representing the newest Disco Tropics room: the Silver Room stands out for its warm atmosphere.



You're on vacation, stop thinking about saving up money and go out to have dinner to start enjoying the fantastic nights in Lloret de Mar, its nightlife and crowded streets with the opportunity to meet new people and new groups of friends as yours.

One of the most popular places to have dinner with your friends and make the first drink of the night, is Picaddilly Sports BarIf, in addition to being a fan of the party, you are also a fan of soccer, rugby, boxing or tennis, you will have arrived to your favorite bar in Lloret de Mar. Do you know it has 10 big screens to watch your favourite sport matches? It is the perfect place to sit and relax while enjoying Burgers, Fish & Chips, Nuggets, Nachos, Patatas Bravas, grilled steaks, paellas... Dare to try one of their specialties: The Piccadilly Combo!




No way... Do you still have doubts about where to party? If you want to live the summer of your life, the perfect choice is Disco Tropics, the most emblematic disco on the Costa Brava with the best international DJs and artistsArmin Van Buuren, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Felix Jaehn, Alan Walker, Steve Aoki, Farruko, Aya Nakamaura, Sfera Ebbasta, Lil Pump or Gigi d’Agostino, among others, are some examples of stars who have stepped on our Platinum Room. Here we leave you with a Remember of the Snoop Dogg performance at Disco Tropics, his show got us gooseflesh!

Every year we have in mind to put at your fingertips the performances of the most outstanding DJs of the moment, because if we have something clear is that, without all of you, we could not be able to continue, so the most important Disco Tropics objective is to make all your dreams come true.

What happens in Lloret de Mar, remains in Disco Tropics. Hangovers are never welcome, though… We have a recipe that will make it easier for you: After the party, you have an appointment with the Burger King, right next to Disco Tropics, it is great to remember everything that happened last night between laughter and smiles.

Our tips for going out in Lloret de Mar are tailor-made for you to build the summer of your life. There are a thousand and one ways to have fun, partying is one of them... And if you also have it at Disco Tropics you have made sure you are going to live the best anecdotes and unexpected great moments. Is it better to spend the morning visiting the city with a guide or to save energy to "live" the city at night meeting new people? There is no excuse, it is all compatible with Disco Tropics. We will be here... Waiting for you!



Which are your priorities when choosing accommodation? Comfort? Luxury? Environment? Close to public transport services? Whatever it is, you should visit this all-inclusive hotel booking portal in Lloret, an excellent way to decide which is the best option for you and your friends. Take a look, compare price and preferences, book and... Enjoy with no concern!

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