The parties at Disco Tropics are the ones that always become as your best nights, since we are the best club in Lloret de Mar and the most popular place on the Costa Brava. Our 2019 season is over and the truth is you have left us speechless once again!

Spain Break Week has been the last special event of this year, full of your energy, desire to dance with the Latin Hits and give everything until the end of the party, you have made an end of season something indescribable. You made the grade! Although, it would not have been possible either without the emerging artists who have been with us during these days:

Frenna. One of the most exciting rappers from Netherlands, with more than 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel is leaving a mark on the future of his professional career.

Dopebwoy. With only 25 years he has become one of the most famous artists in the Netherlands.

Young Ellens. The Dutch rapper who achieved fame in June 2018, when he released his first single called Bella Ciao, which reached 27th in the Top 100 of the Dutch singles, and remained in this successful position for 11 weeks!

Km. This artist, also Dutch, does not stop growing his musical career, with almost 100,000 followers on social networks, he always tries to get his songs to breathe a bit of emotion.

Broederliefde. They are Dutch hip-hop group, originally from Rotterdam. It is made up of five rappers: Emms, Jerr, Sjaf, Edson and Mella. In 2016, they won a Gold record with their album entitled Dichterbij me.

Poke. The artist moved to the Netherlands in 2008. Although his first single came to light in 2017, he was very busy with music. His last hit hit was Crazy, a collaboration he made with Yung Felix and Dopebwoy.

Jonna Fraser. This artist stands out for his broad musical style ability: He has songs with a gangster touch to sensual songs that reach your soul.

Dyna. The fame that this DJ has managed to get is to take off his hat. After many successes like "Round & Round" ft. Lil Kleine, F1rstman and Bollebof or "Pull Up" ft. Frenna and Ronnie Flex, has managed to be in the biggest places in the Netherlands, including the creation of their own Sexed Up event called "Ladies Night Out".


We want to surprise you day after day, that's why we continue working with the parties at Disco Tropics for the new season... Well, you deserve it, and that's why we are going to reveal a little secret: Our last visit at the unique Amsterdam Dance Event has pushed to start with new projects and surprises for the 2020 season. Let the rhythm not stop!

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