A New Year’s Eve at Disco Tropics means starting 2020 in style, since we are the best club in Lloret de Mar and the most popular place on the Costa Brava. If you are still thinking about where to end 2019 or where to celebrate the most atypical party of the year, you have landed in the right place, because we will convince you.

If you have already celebrated New Year’s Eve at Disco Tropics, we know that repeating it, it might seem a sin but, in this case, repeating it is the best thing you can do!

Every year the party is different, with original surprises, new themes, packs and special rates, decoration, and different people (-who knows, maybe you know love at first sight-). You, choose how to live the best party of the year, with your girlfriend or boyfriend and/or with your friends and with desire or euphoria, we put you all the other: The best place to celebrate New Year's Eve and the most important... The magic of this wonderful night which our club will make you live. It is quite risky, but we will tell you that celebrating New Year’s Eve at our club is going to become one of the nights you will remember, by far, throughout 2020.

The most essential in Disco Tropics is the human factor: Our team works very hard, with perseverance and rigor, every year, so that each and every one of you can live the best parties on the planet. Your opinion and preferred tastes are what mark our most special events, without you, Disco Tropics could not make your dreams come true, thanks to all who always are with us throughout the season. We want your parties in our club to be as personalized as possible and that you feel like home, or even better, which that’s says a lot.

If you want to begin the new year fresh for a good start, the best option is to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Disco Tropics. Book now your VIP table to have privileged views and be part of the chicest area of ​​the club on a night as special as this one. Get in touch with our team just now: +34 687 846 498.

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