Disco Tropics nominated once again as one of the World's Best Nightclubs

Disco Tropics nominated once again as one of the World's Best Nightclubs

Disco Tropics has once again been nominated as one of the world's best nightclubs on the prestigious platform "Night Life International." This recognition stands as a tribute to Disco Tropics' unwavering commitment to music, high-quality entertainment, and excellence in nightlife.

In the previous edition of the "Top 100 Nightclubs in the World" awards, Disco Tropics was placed at position 74. However, Teddy Law, CEO of Law Holding, the business group to which Disco Tropics belongs, has an ambitious goal this year: to ascend to the top 50 and further solidify its position as one of the leading nightclubs globally.

"We are delighted to be nominated once again among the world's best nightclubs. Our dedication to providing an exceptional experience to our customers and maintaining the highest standards in music and entertainment remains our primary focus," commented Law.

Disco Tropics encourages everyone who has visited the club this season to participate in the voting process to help the nightclub achieve its goal. You can vote for Disco Tropics at the following link: https://s.alchemer.eu/s3/w100bc

"We believe that Lloret deserves to have one of the top 50 nightclubs in the world, as it has been a European reference for over 50 years as a holiday destination due to its beaches, gastronomy, and high-quality nightlife," added Law.

The Disco Tropics team, consisting of over 100 dedicated employees, is grateful for the nomination and deeply values the continued support of its community of followers and customers. Law Holding is committed to continuously raising the standards of nightlife entertainment and providing unforgettable experiences to all its visitors after a season that the group describes as "historic in every sense."

"This season has been incredible, and if we have received an award and now have the opportunity to be among the top 50 nightclubs in the world, it is thanks to the entire team behind Disco Tropics, from the offices to the glass collectors, including the team of over 20 security controllers, as well as the work carried out by institutions to continue positioning the brand of Lloret de Mar as one of the best in the continent. The well-done work of each and every one of them is the foundation for achieving more successes in the future," Law concluded.

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