You have been waiting for this moment for a long time; Disco Tropics is ready to offer you the best summer 2021 together with the fantastic beaches of Lloret de Mar, Spain.


Our 2021 presentation video already told you so; we want you to enjoy our Mediterranean atmosphere. The international shows that Lloret de Mar has to give, and we want you to have an unforgettable summer with the best live artists in DiscoTropics because that is the essence of Disco Tropics.




Without forgetting the magnificent Mediterranean cuisine, with the best chefs and world-renowned food. And enjoy our Spanish culture in every corner of Lloret de Mar.


We look forward to 2021, recalling the best summer experiences and shows for those of you who already know us and those of you who are going to meet us for the first time this summer 2021; stay tuned to our social networks to prepare yourself for the experience of your lifetime.

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