We know that these days you are missing a lot of things, and we are sure you are missing us as well, that’s why we have prepared a few plans so you can enjoy Disco Tropics at home!

Our motto for these days is “One day goes away. One day closer to be together again”. And this is how it really is: now it’s time to be apart so we can be together soon. That’s why we insist: even though we know it can be hard, you have to stay home. And it’s important to follow a routine. Experts recommend to keep setting the alarm clock, making our bed, planning the day ahead (a bit of cooking, exercising, tidying up…) and following some kind of schedule. All this will be over soon, and when we get back to real life, we’ll appreciate it.

And if we have to follow a routine, Disco Tropics is part of it. Staying at home doesn’t mean getting bored and to stop enjoying our music. And if you can’t come to us, we will come to you.

That’s why we have decided to organize the Live Sets every Saturday. To combat the boredom of these days, we want you to enjoy our DJs as if you were at Disco Tropics. Dj Edu Elizondo was the one who opened our Live Sets. Almost a thousand people enjoyed this session, which we streamed on our Instagram. In future sessions we will have more Spanish DJ’s, but also Italian and German artists.

Do you want to know who will be playing at your home next Saturday? Follow us on Instagram (@discotropics) and be the first to find it out! And don’t forget to share it with your friends. You know, sharing is caring!

We will also be posting tributes to the native countries of the dj’s that have performed at Disco Tropics this last years. We are sure you don’t want to miss it out!

And remember: right now, the most important thing is to stay home sound and safe, and that’s why we’re bringing the fun to you. Enjoy Disco Tropics at home!

Stay safe!

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