Be Lloretenc

Be Lloretenc

New Lloret Tourism campaign to promote destiny. The slogan is “Be a Lloretenc” and has been launch on the net. The objective is to show the richness of the destination’s offer and the different tastes, hobbies or tasks that can be agglutinated.

The manager of Lloret Turisme, Elizabeth Keegan, explained that this is a repositioning campaign, aimed at traditional markets: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Catalonia. According to Keegan, it aims to be a fun proposition.

The campaign has the faces of prominent neighbors in different fields. One of them is in Yasuji Fusano, Lloretense born in Japan, with a long history in the world of swimming and representing the so-called “Be Swimmer.” On the other hand, there is the cocktail shaker Manel Casademont, who represents “Be a daiquiri”. This neighbor has followed the steps of Constantino Ribalaigua, the illustrious Lloretense who was considered the best cocktail party of the 20th century, recognized for carrying the daiquiri recipe perfectly.

The intention is to offer a new video every week.

The promotional video and all the information can be consulted on the My Lloret website.

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