Summer is running out but... The party during September and October at Disco Tropics is still going on, since we are the best club in Lloret de Mar and the most popular place on the Costa Brava. The good times are still standing! During these two months our club will remain open for all those who want to continue living the best parties of their life. Are you one of them? Keep reading!

During this summer we have lived moments of euphoria, emotion, nostalgia, stories to tell in the second person of the plural, nights between laughter to not forget and, in addition, we have had the visit of different international artists, their show has left us speechless: Gigi d'Agostino, Farruko, Aya Nakamura and Sfera Ebbasta have been the stars who accompanied us during the summer months and, of course, as we expected, it has been a success.

Each new season lived is an experience in your pocket and, one more year, Disco Tropics has wanted to appear in the list of your favourite places to enjoy summer nights, and so it has been for many of you! Thank you for joining us in these intense months and, as our emotions are running high now, we bring you a small gift... We want you to continue the party, that is why we extend the Weekly Pass Disco Tropics!

Do you have doubts about how this pass works? The Weekly Pass is the way to have unhindered fun at a super affordable price, for only 20€ you will have all this included: Free admission in a maximum of 7 days, 3 drinks to consume during the first night, saving queues, special discounts and... The best parties on the Costa Brava!

If the parties during September and October at Disco Tropics are still going on, what are you waiting for to finish off the last weeks of your summer? There are moments which are worth gold, and these are the ones that really can not miss our season and also yours. The good weather deserves a good farewell, so we invite you to enjoy with us and the Weekly Pass a “goodbye season” as it should. What you can do today, don't leave it for tomorrow, buy it now!

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